Expectations before the start of studies are high: will I like the chosen field of study? Will I be able to do it? Will I get along with classmates? What about professors? How will I like life in the location of study? A similar stream of thought takes place in the minds of businessmen expanding into foreign markets: will bureaucracy be my friend or adversary? What will be the customers and what will be the business partners abroad like? Again, personal (love) reasons take the third to another country. But they all have a common dilemma: will I be able to communicate in a foreign language? Will I understand the people around me?

Slovenia is located in the very center of Europe, and Slovene is not one of the most common choices for learning foreign languages. However, it is great if we know how to greet, address business partners or classmates, order food in a restaurant, do everything necessary at the administrative unit and the tax administration, and exchange a few polite phrases with the neighbors. Slovenes really like it when foreigners make an effort and speak Slovene; they immediately approach them more relaxed and with a great will to help. It is easier for students to attend lectures, take exams and adapt to life in Slovenia, while Slovene opens the door to better business opportunities for business people.

2TM offers Slovene language courses that prepare you for your stay in Slovenia, from the comfort of your home via the ZOOM platform. You can get involved in three different levels:

  1. initial (A1-A2),
  2. continued (B1),
  3. advanced (B2).

All courses take place twice a week for two academic hours, so you can progress quickly and you can learn the most necessary terms or improve your vocabulary before the autumn. All courses are accredited by the Ministry; but don’t be frightened by the seriousness – in the course you will learn in a relaxed atmosphere and with interesting topics that will lead you to gaining knowledge.

The courses are intended for future students and businessmen and everyone else who is preparing to come to Slovenia. The meetings are designed practically – you will learn how to deal with bureaucracy, officials, how to find yourself in a store, how to better understand professors and lectures at the faculty, how to agree with the landlord to rent an apartment and much more.

For more information on 2TM’s offer, write to us on [email protected] or see our website.

Kaja Galič Lenkič for 2TM d.o.o.