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About the Course

Slovenian language course for Medical Personnel is designed for those who seek to successfully pass the language proficiency exam at the B2 and C1 level and start working in medical institutions. After 230 hours of intense training, you will overcome the language barrier and be able to use medical terminology with confidence.

C1 Course

Duration:230 academic hours
Spots in a group:up to 10 persons
Venue:online (via ZOOM)
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After the course, you will:
Master Slovenian at C1 level.
Learn medical terminology in Slovenian.
Know how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice within a medical institution.
Prepare for the language proficiency exam.
Master not only the grammatical rules, but also learn to speak Slovenian with confidence.

Training Plan
for the Course

Slovenian alphabet and pronunciation. Medical vocabulary: terms for a number of diseases and medical institutions.
Numerals (quantitative and ordinal numbers). Exercises.
Presentation. Accommodation. Travelling. Grammar: verb “biti” (to be) and personal pronouns; formation of feminine forms; nominative case; conjunctions “in/ter/ampak.” Exercises.
Family and friends. Colleagues: doctors (dentists, surgeons, etc.) and nurses. Dialogues and acting out of situations. Grammar: possessive pronouns; adjectives and comparison degrees; conjunctions “pa/ki/da.” Exercises.
My day. Doctor’s and nurse’s daily routine. Food. Hobbies. Grammar: time, days of the week, and time adverbs; present tense; accusative case. Exercises.
Apartment. In the clinic. In the hospital. Grammar: prepositional case; conjunctions “ker/saj.” Exercises.
My previous day. What did the paediatrician do? What did the doctors do? Vacation. In the cinema. Grammar: genitive case, past tense; conjunctions “zato/čeprav/ki”; possessive pronouns. Exercises.
Vacation plans. Meetings. Grammar: future tense; future tense of the verb “biti” (to be); comparison with the conjunction “od.” Exercises.
Daily routine. In a fashion shop / boutique. At a restaurant. Appointment with a doctor. Grammar: prepositional case; adverbs; demonstrative pronoun “kateri” in the prepositional case. Exercises.
Travelling. Visit to Ljubljana. Grammar: ablative case; demonstrative pronoun “kateri” in the ablative case. Exercises.
Health and Illness. At the doctor’s. Body parts. Birthday. Grammar: dative case; special nouns (hair, eye, ear, liver, chest); modal verbs. Exercises.
Stress. Illnesses and injuries. Healthy lifestyle. Personal hygiene items. Medical dictionary. Grammar: demonstrative pronoun “kateri”; verb conjugation; health proverbs. Exercises.
What level of Slovenian is required to start the course?
You can attend the course at any level of the Slovenian language.
What happens if I miss a class?
All classes will be recorded and in case of skipping one you will be able to review it in the recording.
Is it possible to pay in installments?
Only full payment is available for this course. There is no payment in instalments.
What are the payment options?
You can pay for the course by a bank transfer within 5 days from the date of invoice.
Do you issue a language proficiency certificate?
Upon completion, we will provide you with a certificate that confirms your participation in the 2TM language courses.

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