Before starting your studies, take a Slovene language course!
Expectations before the start of studies are high: will I like the chosen field of study? Will I be able to do it? Will I get along with classmates? What...
Visa information
Visa type C Type C Schengen visa is also known as entry visa. The visa entitles its holder to enter and stay in the Schengen area for not more than...
Online Slovenian Language Courses – Effective and Modern Classes: Interview with Professor Nastja Radoš
We started with online Slovenian language courses. In the interview with one of our teachers, professor of Slovenian and Spanish languages Nastja Radoš, you will find information...
How fast do we learn a foreign language?
When we start learning a foreign language, of course we want to master it as soon as possible. Perhaps we are driven by intrinsic motivation and would like to understand...
2TM Invites Applicants to the Online Slovenian Language Courses
The 2TM Company enrols students for the 50-hour and 100-hour online Slovenian language courses. The courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the...
Intenzivni kurs slovenačkog
2TM za studente organizuje intenzivne kurseve slovenačkog jezika. Namena je olakšati prilagođavanje studenata u Sloveniji i pripremiti ih za studije kako bi mogli pratiti...
2TM Organizes Slovenian Language Courses Every Month
Due to continuing demand 2TM is now organizing Slovenian language courses every month. The company organ-izes 50-hour and 100-hour online Slovenian language courses that are...

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